As President of Blue Ibis Books Inc., publisher of Unfinished Business:  How You Can Build Your
Dream, Lose it, and Still Survive, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to an extraordinary  
woman entrepreneur.

In 1979, Lorraine Lush opened The Newfoundland Secretarial Academy, later known as The
Career Academy, which was the first private training institute in St. John’s, Newfoundland,
Canada.  Over the next nineteen years, Lorraine grew her small school into a multi-million dollar
business. Before long Lorraine was receiving awards and recognitions this little girl from the
south side of the St. John’s harbour never thought possible. This attention, though, never
swayed Lorraine from her mission: to build the best schools possible; to bring jobs to her
beloved province and to encourage the youth of the island to receive their education, stay in
Newfoundland and become successful members of their community.  It was always Lorraine’s
dream to help others grow and over the years her motto “Grow to Believe in Yourself” became
the catch phrase for all those involved in The Career Academy.

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Unfinished Business tells the story of how this tiny woman, from this tiny province in Canada
challenged the government and their belief that the people of her province would not pay for a better
education than they received for almost nothing at the local community colleges.  Lorraine writes
about her first schoolhouse on LeMarchant  Road and about the collapse of her marriage and
sacrificing the needs of her children to make her dream come true. And come true it did.  It was a
wonderful dream up until the very last year, when no matter how hard she tried, no matter what
she did, Lorraine could not stop the inevitable. After almost twenty years, the Newfoundland
government changed a policy that so gravely impacted The Career Academy that Lorraine was
forced to declare bankruptcy, both personally and professionally, and close the doors on her dream.

But, Unfinished Business is not the story of a business lost: it is the story of knowledge gained.  
This is a story of personal survival and growth. It is a tale of perseverance and determination. It is
the story of an entrepreneur’s journey from the initial tiny niggling in a woman’s soul – one
schoolhouse holding sixty-five students and employing three instructors – to a company employing
nearly three hundred people and instructing three thousand students annually across fifteen
campuses in three Canadian provinces.

Unfinished Business is a gauntlet thrown down in the face of adversity; a challenge to aspiring
entrepreneurs, a battle cry for dreamers the world over to do as Lorraine says: if you want
something badly enough, you just have to GO FOR IT.

Frances E. Robinson, President

Blue Ibis Books, Inc. Brandon, Florida