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Participants of our online training will receive Continuing Education Credits upon completion

Career College
Improve your
Service &
Financial Aid
Increase your conversion, retention, completion and placement rates.

Career College Connection offers a wide variety of online programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of
career college personnel. Subject areas include: Admissions, Education (Instructor Training), Financial Aid,
Marketing, Operations, Placement and Retention.

The Online Courses offered by Career College Connection are developed and facilitated by career college
experts with a combination of over 80 years experience working in career colleges.
The owner/operators of Career College Connection are considered pioneers in the career education field and
are referred to as “the school people”.  It is our mission to increase the quality and efficiency of career colleges
through effective online training of their people.
Learn Online
Learn How To Increase
Conversion Rates, Retention Rates, Completion Rates and Placement Rates.
Learn How To Improve
Instructional Effectiveness, Service Effectiveness and Operational Effectiveness
Career College Connection also offers a selection of free online tutorials in soft skills areas such as
communications skills & leadership and management skills.