is a gripping story told
by a plucky Newfoundland
woman, ambitious,
hardworking and
determined to leave her
mark.  It is a story of
personal survival and
growth, of perseverance
and determination as
Lorraine pioneered in the
private sector in the tough
and competitive area of
education and training.”

Hon. John C.
PC, OC, QC Former
Cabinet Minister
Author of “No Holds
My Life In Politics”
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Lorraine is available to speak
throughout Canada and the United
States where she delivers her
uplifting message of how to build
your dream, and if by chance you
lose it, how you can still survive.
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Lorraine Lush is a woman who dared and failed greatly, but in the end it is clear that she has triumphed
greatly by sharing her story with us and encouraging us to dare.

Kate Bird
Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2002, Start Up Category
President, Career Essentials Inc.
Ontario, Canada
This is a true and compelling story of a courageous lady......pursuing her dream......reaching it against
unbelievable odds, --- loosing it through crushing injustice and cruel happenstance, --- and rejoicing
that life can still be worthwhile. I am truly blessed to have known her.

A. Brian Peck ford
Former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
Author of “The Past in the Present.”